Monday, February 4, 2013

The best song that I'll hear again

Hi guys. What have you been up to?Behold the power of the internet. A little over 5 years ago, I posted this blog post, in which I plead for someone in this universe to send me an mp3 of a song that I had long since lost forever. And someone was listening.

Last Wednesday, the fellow that left a comment on that post, simply saying "If you're still interested I could send you the song," in addition to including a copy of the lyrics. On Saturday, he sent me an mp3. Its possibly even better than I remember.

 Have a listen to "Gooseberry Soda" by Ulf Linder (Well) and sing along. And then check out some more of Ulf's equally good (or near equal, at least) songs on his myspace page.

Everything is right in the world.

(if you don't see the music player, click on through to hear)

There´s just one thing I´m missing, 
One thing I´m longing for

Gooseberry Soda

I´ll drink it without a straw
There´s a black snake in the quarry and dangerous undertows

Feels so good when we´re kissing

That´s what I´m longing for

Gooseberry Soda

I´d love to stay here a while
Just a swift dip in the water
before we head on home

I got some trouble

The flowers are so beautiful
I got to stay
I can´t walk away

Feels so good when we´re kissing

That´s what I´m longing for

Gooseberry Soda

I´d love to stay here a while
Just a swift dip in the water
Before we head on home

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recurring Dreams

I've had my string dream once or twice more since the last time we spoke. Our small sample size suggests that I have it monthly. I'm going to start documenting my CRAZY CAR recurring dreams soon.

In addition, last night I realized that I also have another recurring dream. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I believe it involves me being able to hover a few inches off of the ground. What's crazy about this is that until last night, somewhere in the back of my sub-conscience, I actually believed this to be true and a reality. It was only last night that it hit me, "Oh yeah, its just been a series of dreams." I didn't have the dream last night. Just for some reason, it came to me.

Also, since returning from a cruise, I've woken up every night thinking I'm in a hotel or resort, and wondering why my bed wasn't made and why I left my room door wide open. And then I get up and walk around for a couple minutes thinking I'm actually at this resort. In addition, I always accidentally lock my room key in my room and get frustrated and worried and all sorts of other stuff. I fear that I have a new recurring dream. A living dream!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Neverending String Dream 2008 Part 10

Too much chewing gum stuck to the roof of my mouth. My niece could see it and she didn't like it.

Tally: 10.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

how come?

How come Jim Croce is so awful at making phone calls?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dealings with Panhandlers


Today, I inadvertently began a new approach to handling panhandlers, specifically those of the pseudo-well-off hustling variety.

As I left Subway, a nicely dressed man with sunglasses asked me "Hey bro, you got some change for me?"

To which I responded, "Sorry guy."

To which he replied, "Ass hat."

Further along on my walk, a slightly more shambly, but still hustly, guy asked, "Hey my man, you got a little change?"

"Sorry guy."

"Thanks a lot, you [couldn't understand]"

People hate being called "guy."

Olympic Fever!

I still got it! How about you?

Has anyone read up on the 1904 Summer Olympic Marathon? Its amazing. Read under the "Highlights" section:

The marathon was the most bizarre event of the Games. It was run in brutally hot weather, over dusty roads, with horses and automobiles clearing the way and creating dust clouds.
  • The first to arrive was Frederick Lorz, who actually was just trotting back to the finish line to retrieve his clothes, after dropping out after nine miles. When the officials thought he had won the race, Lorz played along with his practical joke until he was found out shortly after the medal ceremony and was banned for a year by the AAU for this stunt, later winning the 1905 Boston Marathon.
  • Thomas Hicks (a Briton running for the United States) was the first to cross the finish-line legally, after having received several doses of strychnine sulfate mixed with brandy from his trainers. He was supported by his trainers when he crossed the finish, but is still considered the winner. Hicks had to be carried off the track, and possibly would have died in the stadium, had he not been treated by several doctors.
  • A Cuban postman named Felix Carbajal joined the marathon. He had to run in street clothes that he cut around the legs to make them look like shorts. He stopped off in an orchard en route to have a snack on some apples, which turned out to be rotten. The rotten apples caused him to have to lie down and take a nap. Despite falling ill to apples he finished in fourth place.
  • The marathon included the first two black Africans to compete in the Olympics; two Tswana tribesmen named Len Tau (real name: Len Taunyane) and Yamasani (real name: Jan Mashiani). But they weren't there to compete in the Olympics, they were actually the sideshow. They had been brought over by the exposition as part of the Boer War exhibit (both were really students from Orange Free State in South Africa, but this fact was not made known to the public). Len Tau finished ninth and Yamasani came in twelfth. This was a disappointment, as many observers were sure Len Tau could have done better if he had not been chased nearly a mile off course by aggressive dogs.

Someone find me some more info on Andarin Carvajal!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Overheard In the Park Vol. 1

What prompted the priest to hastily say to the layman he was walking with, "You need to talk to your priest really soon!!!"

Why wasn't he his priest? Give me some context, commenters!